A key to successful development of sustainable infrastructure, and also to the KPESIC, is ongoing knowledge sharing and capacity building among the various specialists and entities involved. This means anything from providing a good practice manual for a specific sector or technical topic and highlighting successful case study examples to providing information on materials and equipment that help increase sustainability and providing information on relevant news, events or individual countries.

Your ongoing contribution is crucial to the success of the Knowledge Platform!

Contributing information is easy:

  • You can send technical reports, case studies, training materials, guidance documents, videos, etc. by simply completing the form in Contribute / Resources
  • You can contribute relevant news in Contribute / News or relevant events in Contribute / Events
  • You can participate in Knowledge Exchange events and activities, including Topics for Discussion, Ask Your Question, Webinars, and Work Groups

In order to maintain the quality of information, all content received will be reviewed by our KPESIC Team before being included in the Knowledge Platform.