Everything you should know about Sterling Silver 925 Jewelry

Sterling Silver 925

We use the word “silver spoon” in our phrases for a reason. It is an expensive metal which is famous for jewelry and other valuable statues. It is a symbol of wealth and luxurious life for centuries. It has a precious color contrast, and its pliability makes it stand among other jewelry making metals. However, there is a difference between pure silver and sterling silver 925. The difference is due to the composition. Well, we will tell you everything you should know about sterling silver 925 jewelry.

What is sterling silver 925 jewelry?

It is, although not a pure silver but an alloy of silver metal-containing 92.5% of silver. It is because pure silver is too delicate for making intricate ornaments. The impurities of other metals make it hard that withstands the hard work, and give you precious jewelry. The durability and strength which we provide to this metal are of copper.


Sterling Silver 925

How does tarnish happen?

Silver is not a metal that usually reacts chemically. However, it gets the influence of the atmosphere. If you introduce it to sulfur, you might start seeing the black tarnishes. When ozone touches it, it creates silver oxides. However, we have an advantage that we can polish it back in relatively easy and cheapest possible ways.

The resemblance with white gold:

They have quite a familiar look. It is nearly impossible for a newcomer to identify the difference as they both are shiny white metal. Here we will tell you the significant differences between white gold and sterling silver. We have told you to give everything you should know about sterling silver 925 jewelry.

Worth: We have mentioned that both are expensive metals to buy. The white rose is more costly than the sterling silver 925. It comes in the budget when we compare it with platinum. Silver is quite famous for cheap and affordable jewelry metal.

Durability: In comparison, white gold has a higher tendency to endure scratches and damages. The long-lasting feature is one of the features of its expensiveness.

Care: White gold takes the stake here again. wholesale ring They are lesser reactive, and they require easy to no maintenance. No problem of tarnishing while silver jewelry owners have to go through all of these sensitive issues.

How to detect sterling silver 925:


Sterling Silver 925

It can prove to be a challenging task. You need everything you should know about sterling silver 925 jewelry to identify the right one. Do not overstress yourself. We will tell you the shortcut. Usually, they deliver the commercial pieces with some markings or hint for us to detect. You may see either 925 or .925 craved on your ring or other jewelry. Sometimes, the stamping of “sterling” or “ster” or even the initials “ss” is crafted.

However, it does not necessarily mean the jewelry pieces that do not contain the tag are not sterling silver 925. Some small brands and companies do not follow this detecting method. The simple way is taking magnetic next to your sterling silver 925. If it attracts your magnetic, it is not your sterling silver because they do not attract or repel in any magnetic field.


Following are some of the facts that might give you everything you should know about sterling silver 925 jewelry.


You might be wondering why is this 925 specifically placed in the name? The logic of this number is usually the representation of alloy’s composition, which is 92.5% of pure silver. They also have images of animals or other symbols telling their origin’s country place.

Different rates of sterling silver:

Do you think all the sterling silvers cost the same? No, you are wrong here. However, it is not an investment metal like gold because of its alloy composition but its value changes. The reason behind it is the usage of silver in such a high proportion.

Storage choices matter:

We agree that you value your jewelry and put it somewhere safe and sound. It affects how and where you are putting it. Humidity is the culprit here. You should put it in s jewelry box specially made for this purpose. There are also specific pouches and packets available in a jewelry shop. You can get it from here. Keep the oxygen away from your silver.



If your sterling silver 925 stays a lot in sunlight exposure, it will not stay silver after some time. This does not mean that you are not allowed to wear it and to go out. We are talking about storing perspective here.


Perfumes and hair sprays are harmful to the life of your sterling silver 925. You should take good care of it. wholesale sterling silver Use it while getting ready before wearing the jewelry pieces. It should dry first; then, you put your silver jewelry.

Harmful chemicals:

Some chemicals can be the spoilers of your sterling silver. The daily use of chemicals includes chlorine and bleach. So, never forget to take off your jewelry before swimming or cleaning.


Cleaning your jewelry is good and healthy, but only when it happens once in a while. Too much cleaning will cause damage, and the layer will get thinner. Doit, when the tarnishes, are visible. Never use an abrasive fabric on your jewelry. It will leave a mark on your jewelry forever.



I hope it might be useful for you to know everything you should know about sterling silver 925 jewelry. It is a good pick for the people who do not have enough budget to purchase platinum or gold. After reading this article, you know how you can distinguish whether you have sterling silver or not. It gets tarnish issues, but you can polish it and clean it in relatively simpler ways. It is expensive, yet sensitive. Do not rinse it or polish it without the need. Protect it from chemicals, sunlight, and perfume or hair sprays.