Environmental Management Plans

An Environmental Management Plan (EMP) or Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP) is a project-specific plan to ensure adequate management of project related impacts, risks and requirements. An EMP/ESMP should include: (a) summary of significant direct and indirect impacts and risks; (b) description of the measures to avoid, minimize, compensate and/or mitigate impacts and risks; (c) description of all necessary environmental and social monitoring activities; (d) cost estimate, time schedule and assignment of responsibility for implementing each measure and activity; (e) description of supervision methods to ensure all measures are properly implemented; (f) description of training and reporting activities; and (g) description of ongoing information disclosure and stakeholder consultation. When needed, the plan can include an approach to assess and manage potential environmental impacts and risks due to new or unplanned activities/works. EMP/ESMP should address all phases of a project cycle, albeit more detailed operation plans may be established specifically for each phase, and likely will include or be linked to related plans such as Emergency/Contingency Plans, Spill Prevention and Containment Plans, Health and Safety Plans, etc. EMPs/ESMPS should be modified, as needed, to reflect changes in project characteristics and improvements based on lessons learned.