Risks Assessments

An occupational safety and health (OSH) risk assessment is a process to identify actual and potential health and safety hazards and risks in the workplace and determining appropriate measures to effectively prevent, eliminate or control the hazards and the health and wellbeing of workers. Some of the most significant potential hazards in construction include falls (from heights), trench collapse, scaffold collapse, electric shock and arc flash/arc blast, failure to use proper personal protective equipment, and repetitive motion injuries. A worksite analysis provides a mechanism to identify all hazards, provide for regular site safety and health inspection, provide for investigation of accidents and "near miss" incidents, and analyze injury and illness trends over time. The results are crucial for establishing an appropriate OSH management plan/system, as it describes the actual and potential hazards and risks in the workplace and includes a description of the mechanism used to identify the hazards, a prioritization of the risks, and identification of the measures in place to help prevent accidents.