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KP Looking for Your Ideas/Input
The KPESIC would like your ideas about potential KP “Discussion Topics” and “Working Groups”.

Topics for Discussion consists of a limited number of specific technical topics open for discussion among KP users. The objective is to support knowledge transfer, capacity building, innovation, and lesson learning in environmentally sustainable infrastructure construction and to be a forum for contributing ideas and solutions to specific technical challenges and problems. All users can participate and provide their ideas, input and comments about a topic (“Active Discussions”). Each topic will remain open for discussion for a specifically defined time frame, but all past topics for discussion are listed (“Closed Discussions”).

Working Groups are designed to help address existing technical challenges and issues involved in developing environmentally sound and sustainable infrastructure projects. The purpose of the Work Groups is focused on developing ideas and approaches to address specific and important pending challenges or deficiencies. This section gives experts a common online space for sharing and conducting research on specifically defined topics.  All KPESIC users will be allowed to access to the final products, and to the relevant summary of the Work Group’s scope of work. However, the Work Group will be restricted to a small number of experts in order to be more efficient.

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