The goal of the bilingual (Spanish and English) Knowledge Platform on Environmentally Sustainable Infrastructure Construction in Latin America and the Caribbean (KPESIC) is to help strengthen and advance environmentally sustainable infrastructure construction in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) by increasing knowledge and capacity of relevant actors/stakeholders. Sustainable infrastructure not only enables sound economic development, job creation and the purchase of local goods and services, it also enhances quality of life for citizens, increases positive impacts (benefits),  helps protect our vital natural resources and environment, and promotes a more effective and efficient use of financial resources. However, the volume of available environmental management information is significant and is constantly changing and improving, thus it is often difficult to find or obtain the most relevant and useful information.

The intended users of KPESIC are technical specialists working at governmental agencies, construction companies, consulting firms or universities that deal with managing environment issues in infrastructure construction in LAC. In the context of the KPESIC, environmentally sustainable infrastructure construction is defined as the sound management of project related impacts and risks, and moving beyond just regulatory compliance to promoting positive environmental and social impacts, and an approach to good practice. The KPESIC primary focus is in the infrastructure sectors of transport (roads, rail, ports, and airports), energy (generation, transmission, and distribution), water and sanitation (water supply and distribution, waste water collection and treatment). The KP will consider not only the construction phase of the project, but also the planning, design, operation and maintenance phases which are also key to obtain an environmentally sustainable infrastructure.

Key objectives of the KP include:

  • Identify, promote and disseminate knowledge across stakeholders in LAC countries on sound environmentally sustainable management in infrastructure projects;
  • Serve as a virtual knowledge repository of reliable, accessible and technically adequate information (publications, guides, case studies, technologies, materials, etc.) related to environmentally sustainable infrastructure development;
  • Provide timely information on relevant news and events;
  • Provide focused information on LAC countries related to development of environmentally sustainable infrastructure projects;
  • Support capacity building and collaboration on developing environmentally sustainable infrastructure (webinars, training, topics for discussion, working groups, etc.);
  • Promote development of solutions to resolve the current needs and challenges of stakeholders and projects regarding environmentally sustainable infrastructure development.

Active users are key for the KPESIC long-term success, as it depends directly on the participation, involvement, and exchange among users. Thus your participation is very important. There are various opportunities for continued involvement that may be of interest, such as providing information (e.g., documents, case studies, relevant links, news, events, etc.) that could be included in the KPESIC, participation in webinars, working groups or technical papers, and potential to be a partner in the KPESIC initiative. And of course, any input or suggestion on how to improve the KPESIC.

The World Bank Group, with the support of the Spanish Fund for Latin America and the Caribbean (SFLAC), has led the development of the KPESIC to help promote better environmental and social management in LAC infrastructure projects. A KPESIC Team provides strategic and daily operational support and management. KPESIC Partners are public and private institutions/entities of demonstrated strong commitment in the field of sustainable infrastructure, which have established a strategic relationship with the KPESIC platform, to help strengthen and advance environmentally sustainable infrastructure construction in Latin America and the Caribbean region.

The KPESIC and the World Bank are interested in working with you to explore opportunities to collaborate with the KPESIC and to improve the development of sustainable infrastructure. Please contact us if interested