How to look awesome with wholesale necklace in your photo

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Welcome to the second part of ‘How to look awesome in your photo, part 2’. In this series of articles, wholesale necklace we recommend some technique to help you look good in your photos. Addition to that, we also suggest some good jewelry to wear when you prepare for the photo. This time the article is sponsored by Hong Factory, my favorite wholesale silver necklace vendor.


Play with your gaze with a wholesale necklace


  One trick that experts usually recommend is to smile with your eyes. It consists of concentrating the intensity in the eyes. To achieve this, you have to squint in order to get an interesting look. Mind you, wholesale necklace watch out for the gesture, or else you will look like you’re asleep or half-blind! Remember that you are not posing for Vogue, so the important thing is always to look natural.


wholesale necklace

 Find your funniest pose


  A basic premise for all facets of your life: be yourself. Act like a fool if your body asks for it, look for some funny gesture or just enjoy the photo moment. The funny pose is undervalued, so you should pose funny gesture or simply be as you want. Remember that whenever you leave relaxed and natural, you will appear much more favored in your photos, so forget about your little photogenicity (the one you always use as an excuse) and let yourself be carried away by the magic of the moment. wholesale necklace Let everyone knows that you are on vacation!

  An additional order: no dapping pose, please. We assure you, they have gone out of style (finally) and are not a particularly flattering gesture!


Selfies with caution


 If you are addicted to selfies and you are taking selfies wherever you go, please have certain reservations. wholesale necklace For example, it is not recommended to take selfies in places as inappropriate as the bathroom. Backgrounds with underwear, socks, the broom, or the back of your naked boyfriend do not contribute to your photos much glamor or interest.


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  In addition, fundamental advice: if you are one of those who publish everything on social networks, be careful with who you share your photos with.

  With these tips, surely your photos of these holidays will be a range of good memories in which, in addition to showing off plans, you can show off your best face. And if you want to add to your images a careful and different air, of course, do not forget to visit our online store at Because your photos, with a good look and with the appropriate accessories and jewelry pieces, will result in a perfect Facebook or Instagram material.


Complement your look with good silver necklaces


 If you have already mastered posting for your photo session, all you have left is to be in your best look when your photos are being taken. wholesale sterling silver Various styles of silver necklaces can complement your look really well. Purchasing many wholesale silver necklaces at once can spare you a lot of time and money. We recommend only buying wholesale silver necklaces from a dependable wholesale silver necklace stores like Hong Factory.

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