KPESIC presents its research grants for researchers and university working groups specialized in sustainable infrastructure construction in Latin America. The call will award 2 grants worth 10,000 euros each for the development of its main lines of research and for the development of training and collaborative activities on the platform. The call will be open to proposals from March 1 to March 31, 2017

Topics for Discussion

Building with 3D printings
Opening: 01-09-2017 Closing: 03-31-2017

3D printers are revolutionizing new technologies. Its applications cross the paper and reach the buildings. Some people consider that is the beginning of a new industrial era, although it is pioneer in the world. It s... Comments (2)

Sustainable rehabilitation of existing buildings: a success?
Opening: 01-09-2017 Closing: 03-31-2017

Rehabilitation of buildings with sustainability criteria must lead energy, economic savings and promote environmental protection. The construction of a new building means higher costs facing the sustainable rehabilita... Comments (4)

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