Maintain, Store and Clean Sterling Silver with these Awesome Tips

Clean Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is metal loved by both men and women. clean sterling silver It is better than any cheap metals like brass but is less expensive than gold. As much as we love our precious sterling silver, we also worry and hope it never loses its shine and sparkle ever. For this, we need to take care of it properly in various ways. We need to clean sterling silver jewelry more often to protect it from rust and tarnishing. Tarnish is something your jewelry develops over time and gets darkened in certain areas. Tarnish happens due to the added metals in the silver. Wholesale silver jewelry Pure silver so soft and cannot be made into jewelry, that’s why an alloy is created of nearly 8% of zinc and copper and added into pure silver.


Guidance how to clean sterling silver


That makes it harder and a strong metal called Sterling silver which is an awesome option for jewelry. 

When you wear your sterling silver jewelry on a daily basis then soap, lotion, creams, and everyday dirt gets stuck in your jewelry. You need to remove and clean that dirt also to keep your jewelry shining and bright forever.

Today we shall look into some awesome care, maintenance and cleaning tips for your cherished sterling silver jewelry. We have divided this process into 4 sections; wearing, storing, cleaning and maintenance.

This will definitely help you in protecting your precious metals form getting tarnished and dirty. Here are those awesome care-tips:


Clean Sterling Silver

  • Wearing Care Tips:

Sterling silver jewelry is one precious metal that people love to wear on a daily basis. It is so versatile and its sparkle is so elegant that it is suitable for any occasion as well. So whether you are an occasional wearer or a daily wearer follow these care tips to keep your favorite type of bling

(i.e.small silver earrings, shiny lucky pendant or your favorite friendship bracelet) shiny and glossy forever.

  1. Avoid wearing your lovely sterling silver jewelry while you are working house chores like doing laundry, washing dishes and interacting with other household chemicals. These chemicals may harm or create rust and eventually making difficult to clean sterling silver.
  2. Avoid wearing your sterling silver jewelry in direct sunlight. Suppose if you have to take a road trip or even a day at the beach with direct sun rays, do not wear your sterling silver jewelry. The direct sunlight will speed up the oxidizing process and darken your jewelry.
  3. It is always important to keep your sterling silver or any other precious metal jewelry away from your makeup products. Avoid wearing them before having done with your make up. When you are getting ready or putting your make up on wear your jewelry at the last after applying all those lotions, perfumes, etc.
  4. It is said by many experts that natural oils of your skin create a nice shine and luster on the sterling silver jewelry. So do not just leave your jewelry in the box and wear it more often.

Clean Sterling Silver

  • Storing Care Tips:

It is important to keep your valuable jewelry, family heirlooms to be properly stored. clean sterling silver You cannot just leave them lying around in your wardrobe or dressing table. When you wear your jewelry occasionally you want to be it shining and sparkling as new and fresh as ever. For this you need to follow some storing care tips: 

  1. Keep your jewelry separately, not touching with each other. This will help in avoiding scratches and cuts.
  2. Store the jewelry in a cool, dark place. Heat and light can increase the oxidizing/tarnishing process. Once tarnished it is a chore to clean sterling silver.
  3. Keep your jewelry in a place that is not exposed to air. Air makes the sterling silver tarnish with time.
  4. Use plastic containers and wrapping bags to store and keep your sterling silver jewelry in it. Cardboard boxes are not a good option.
  5. Place your sterling silver jewelry in a soft piece of cloth if you want to prevent scratches and scrapes. 
  6. It is a smart option to throw in some chalks and silica bags with your sterling silver jewelry to prevent tarnish.


Clean Sterling Silver

  • Cleaning Care Tips:

As mentioned above, direct heat, light, and exposure to air can create tarnish on your jewelry. It is vital to clean sterling silver jewelry regularly to keep them sparkle. Here are some cleaning care-tips that you need to follow:

  1. Never use harsh chemicals to clean sterling silver like detergents, always create a combination of mild soap and water. Dip your jewelry in it. Clean with a soft brush and pat dry with a soft cloth.
  2. Baking soda paste is also a brilliant and safe option. Create a paste of baking soda and water and apply on the tarnished areas of jewelry. Rub gently with a soft piece of cloth and wash with lukewarm water. Dry it off and see it shine and shimmer like new.
  3. For some serious tarnish that does not go with the regular cleaning, consider using the silver jewelry polish. Use it as per instructions and dry your jewelry with a small soft piece of cloth.


Clean Sterling Silver

  • Maintenance:

Even if your sterling silver jewelry is not tarnished, it is always important to take care of the tarnish before it starts appearing. Make it a part of your cleaning plan to clean sterling silver jewelry also. Silver polishing in a year or two would definitely help to prevent the darkening process.

 Also, consider taking your valuable jewelry to the professionals to get checked and cleaned. They can analyze and decide better how to clean sterling silver and guide you too on how to clean it at home. 

Regular maintenance and cleaning are necessary to keep the shine and luster in your beloved jewelry items. Also, it is an interesting hobby to keep them neat and clean. Follow these easy methods to maintain and clean sterling silver so they stay in your life forever.