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2021 is about to arrive and before it starts, you should start planning on buying wholesale sterling silver jewelry. While you think that you don’t need to, we highly suggest you give it a try. The reason is that there are so many new options and trends that have arrived in silver jewelry. From oversized silver chains to silver diamond earrings, you’ll fall in love with these trendy jewelry items. If you are clueless about where to begin and what to buy, then keep on reading ahead. Here, you will find everything that you should look for when buying wholesale sterling silver jewelry. 

Types of wholesale sterling silver jewelry items that are going to hit the top trends in 2021

While there is a huge variety of silver jewelry out there, we will particularly focus on a few. For 2021, there are going to be quite some similar and quite some new trends to try. There is absolutely no shame in trying the same trends as such trends never die. So, if you already own these silver jewelry items, there’s no harm in taking a look at them again. You may also go for suggesting these two to your family or friends.


sterling silver

If you want to do something special for your loved ones, then you may gift silver jewelry to them too. It can be any occasion, like birthdays, engagement parties, or even thanksgiving or Christmas which is right around the corner. Sounds, like the perfect time to win hearts with such beautiful silver jewelry items. Who knows, they might be searching for wholesale sterling silver jewelry items too. So, without further ado, let’s get started with what’s new and hot in 2021 trends. 

  • Chunky jewelry items

The first type of silver jewelry item is chunky jewelry items. Chunky jewelry items have never run out of style. They are in trends since the 80s and 90s and are still going strong. Chunky wholesale sterling silver jewelry is perfect to try as it’s going to be trending in 2021. You can go for chunky statement necklaces and pair it up with a matching chunky silver wholesale bracelet. If not this, then try going for round chunky earrings and pair it up with some nice chunky silver rings. Trying these two combos will instantly glam up your look of the day. Be it an outing or a stay-at-home get up, you will surely love this idea to try in 2021.

  • Delicate items

Next is, delicate wholesale sterling silver items. If you don’t like wearing statement jewelry that draws attention, then go for buying delicate jewelry. Delicate silvery jewelry items are going top in trends. From teardrop earrings to coin necklaces, you should go for buying these beautiful delicate items. You can also get customized detachable sets of necklaces like the one in the picture above. wholesale Sterling Silver They look super cute and add just the right amount of elegance to your daily look. Wearing matching sets or even contrasting ones are going to be very popular in 2021, so do add them to your jewelry collection.

sterling silver

  • Sterling silver diamond jewelry

A very popular saying that goes, like: “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. This is what clicks in our minds when we talk about wholesale sterling silver jewelry with diamonds. Silver diamond jewelry is surely going to be trending in 2021. This is why you should add that cute pair of diamond teardrop earrings to your cart. You may as well add some nice diamond silver rings for everyday wear to your jewelry collection as who doesn’t love wearing them? They look good with every outfit, whether at home, an outing with friends, or a day at the office.

  • Pearl sets

Pearl sets are anywhere and everywhere in trends. You will find them on tops, sweaters, dresses, pants and even shoes. Apart from this, pearls also look great on accessories, like bags, clutches, or statement belts too. Talking about silver jewelry, pearls are like a match made in heaven when designed with silver jewelry. They look divine and add just the right amount of elegance to your look.

Just wearing a simple pair of pearl earrings can make you look from ordinary to extraordinary-looking. Go for pearl necklaces, rings, and earrings in silver to add to your wardrobe.2021 would feel just right with those pretty pearl earrings and necklace to start with.

  • Gemstones 

The last thing to add from wholesale sterling silver jewelry to your collection in 2021 is gemstones. There is a never-ending option in gemstones that you can go for when selecting silver jewelry for yourself to wear. From topaz to sapphire and opal gemstones, there’s a whole variety of colors you can add. However, certain special gemstones suit you best according to your birth month. So, if you’re born in September, then look specifically for sapphire gemstones.

Make sure you figure this out before choosing the right silver jewelry with gemstones to add to your wardrobe. Gemstones look best when worn as a statement. Wear a big gemstone necklace with a matching pair of earrings. If you’re feeling lucky, then also add a bracelet or rings too.


Final Verdict

To sum up, wholesale sterling silver jewelry is going to be the next big thing in jewelry trends in 2021. From chunky statement jewelry to colorful gemstones, we’re sure you’ll find these top trends in silver jewelry worthy to try. If not, then there’s never a loss in giving it a read. With all these amazing jewelry items, we are sure that 2021 is going to be a fun year for you.

Make sure that you choose silvery jewelry items wisely and they blend in well with your wardrobe as well. Make sure that you know what you’re buying as this jewelry item lasts a lifetime. You may want your future generations to have these items as a beautiful memory in their lives as well.